N234 New technology high-structure super abrasion furnace black

Date issued:2021-06-22 18:33

■N234(ISAF-HS—NT)New technology high-structure super abrasion furnace black is very important among N200 series of Round Star Company. Among N200 series,  N234 has high structure, the best wear resistance, and it has the highest reinforce performance.

■N234 is widely used and applicable to truck tires and passenger car tire tread and advanced rubber products. N234 has high structure, and is more suitable for use in the oil-filled rubber. In high demanding conditions of wear use, it can better reflect the excellent abrasion resistance and high reinforcing properties, only rolling loss (heat) was higher.

■Packing Specifications:Paper-plastic compound bag: 20kg / bag; plastic woven FIBC: 500kg / bag, 1000kg / bag;Can be packaged according to user specific requirements.

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