N219 Low-structure, super-abrasion furnace black

Date issued:2021-06-22 17:44

■N219 (ISAF-LS) low-structure, super-abrasion furnace black is a highly reinforcing type of carbonblack, and its structure is the lowest in the N200 series carbonblack.

■N219 is mainly used for tire tread, especially fits for off-road tires. Compared with the N220 carbonblack, it can improve the tensile strength, tear strength and elongation, and low heat, high flexibility, elongation and abrasion resistance were slightly lower than the N220. This product used in tire tread rubber material, can improve its anti-chunking, anti-rip performance, but because of its lower structure, it’s difficult to disperse during mixing.

■Packing Specifications:Paper-plastic compound bag: 20kg / bag; plastic woven FIBC: 500kg / bag, 1000kg / bag;Can be packaged according to user specific requirements.

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