N121 New technology high-structure super-wear furnace black

Date issued:2021-06-22 17:44

■N121 new technology high-structure super-wear furnace black, is a new technology production of high-structure super-wear furnace black, with fine particles, high structure characteristics.               

■N121 has the same general reinforcing property and dispersity in the compound as N220, but the wear resistance of the compound is better than N220. In the series of N100 carbonblack, N121 has better workability, but the heat generation of vulcanizate is higher than N110, N220, N234.

■N121 is mainly used for tread, especially for high-speed passenger cars.

■Packing Specifications:Paper-plastic compound bag: 20kg / bag; plastic woven FIBC: 500kg / bag, 1000kg / bag;Can be packaged according to user specific requirements.

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