N774 (SRF-HM NS)Non-polluting semi-reinforced carbon black

Date issued:2021-06-24 11:55

■N774(SRF—HM NS)Non-pollution and high modulus semi-reinforcing furnace black one of the latest development products of N700 series. N774 has moderate reinforcement performance, and compared with non-polluting low-modulus semi-reinforcing furnace black, like N762  and N772, the surface area is the same but it has higher toluene light transmission rate. Its main feature is the low solvent extract, non-polluting rubber.

■N774 can be widely used in tire cord layer, sidewall, inner tubes, rubber hose, adhesive tape and so on. The rubber with N774 has good processing property, and the filling volume is high. The flexibility of its vulcanizations is high, the heat is low and the dynamic performance is good.

■Packing Specifications:Paper-plastic compound bag: 20kg / bag; plastic woven FIBC: 500kg / bag, 1000kg / bag;Can be packaged according to user specific requirements.

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