N550 Fast extrusion furnace carbon black

Date issued:2021-06-22 18:22

■N550 (HEF) fast extrusion furnace carbon black is one of the wet soft series products developed and produced by the company in recent years. N550 particle has smooth surface, high structure. It is a middle-reinforced with both performance and processability within the species, particularly, it gives a higher-ting rubber and good pressure, so it’s called fast baked black, its reinforcing quality performance is higher than other soft black, its wear resistance is even better than the black tank. So it is also known as the abrasion furnace black (MAF). It has high temperature performance and excellent thermal conductivity, in particular the flexibility and recovery.

■N550 was used long ago and usually used in tire cord layer, sidewall, inner tube, and pressure out and rolled products. Best to be used in butyl rubber in inner tube with the N660, and it can not only satisfy the rubber extrusion performance, but also can improve the performance of the late stage products.

■Packing Specifications:Paper-plastic compound bag: 20kg / bag; plastic woven FIBC: 500kg / bag, 1000kg / bag;Can be packaged according to user specific requirements.

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